Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Memories to Cool Us Off - 4H Camp in Nevada and Swimming in Lake Tahoe

Too darn hot. Today is starting the fifth day we have had over 100 degree temperatures, and it is supposed to continue into tomorrow.  It is hard to remember cool air. The upstairs portion of our house has become off-limits, and that includes when the air-conditioner is on!

I thought about cold, and it made me remember going to 4H summer camp when I was in 6th through 8th grades.
The postcard above (circa 1955) is the only one I have been able to find that shows the camp.  I never saw it in the snow.  I want to go there right now and have to hike through the snow to get to the dining hall! That will cool me off a bit.
A recent photo of the pier, above. We would try to fish for crawdads for a while, and then go swimming. It was so incredibly cold we couldn't stay in for long (and this was in July!) We would come out and our lips would be purple and we would be covered in goosebumps.
The dining hall now. We stayed at camp for a week, and each cabin had to help in the dining hall for a day. It was always a lot of fun. I have photos somewhere of a few cabins and also a panoramic photo of all the campers taken about 1964. I just recently found out that the University of Nevada keeps an alumni list of campers and added my name to it. I may go to a reunion one of these days. How I wish it was today, I could use some purple lips from the cold right now.


Lorlore said...

I never got to go to the camp, darn!!! Hot stuff lately!!! Going to find a swimming pool after work!!!! Enjoyed this trip back in time!!!

Heidi Ann said...

It sounds terrific! And yes, a camp somewhere - anywhere- up in the "high country" certainly sounds appealing during this heat wave! I have been retreating to the basement, and SO happy it is there!