Friday, April 25, 2014

Colorful And Bright: Vintage Fashions From Seventeen

I was looking through some of my vintage Seventeen magazines the other day, and I just started snapping photos of some of the pages:
Sorry, but I didn't take the time to write down any dates or anything about them.
I just took pictures of cute and colorful outfits that caught my eye.
That's Bonnie Lysohir on the right, below:
And Colleen Corby on the left in this one:
Cute blue calico dress and a fabulous suede lace-up belt:
Old fashioned brightness on the beach:
More great colors:
And a cigar store Indian to pose with!
Lively fashions, a little blast from the past.


Tina Dawn said...

Love that purple skirt with the rick rack! Love T

Diane said...

Really fun!

Jill said...

Great pics, love your Seventeen's

Clothing Styles for Women said...

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Anusha Wijetunga said...

OMG I am d-y-i-n-g! Why don't women dress like this anymore?? So creative and bohemian and just beautiful.

BTW have you seen this link:

I saw it on Facebook and was just swooning!