Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Favorite (Recent) Finds

Oh, for the love of bright and beautiful finds!
I could scarcely believe my eyes when I spied not one, but two of these gorgeous metal trays in pink and orange at a thrift shop in Placerville last time I was over that way!
They look pretty good with the little orange mini-pot, too:
Lori actually found the blue vase for me. Below it is shown with two of the others that were already in my collection:
How cute is this vintage circus-themed fabric?
I found another Handi-Holder - in avocado green, this time, and also another rooster napkin holder from Fitz And Floyd.
 I found one just like it a while back in gold and green colors.
It isn't in perfect condition, but for fifty cents, that was okay by me:
A zodiac ice bucket - the ultimate in vintage "cool":
Two nice vintage coffee mugs:
A fab tea cozy or toaster cover? I'm not sure which. Either way, I like the birds:
I've found a few of these souvenir plates recently, too.
 Here's just one of them:
These colorful vintage dominoes were discovered at our new tiny little thrift shop that opened up at the local Senior Center:
And here's another look at one of my trays I love so much, this time with a set of three vintage  "Kitchen Chemistry" Handblown Pilgrim glass canisters complete with their original cork lids:
Yes, I would say I have definitely been lucky to have found some pretty neat stuff lately!


Annette said...

I am amazed at the things you find!! I love the colorful dominoes. All your bright colors are happy!!

Diane said...

Great things there! Love the trays and dominoes and fabric... I was just talking to another blogger about those plastic holders for milk cartons. How funny!

Jill said...

Colored dominoes - neat - I've never seen them before.