Monday, April 21, 2014

New Pots And Pans - The Better To Fix Dinner With, My Dear....

We needed new pots and pans, we really did.
These were on sale at Kohl's, and I also had a credit for a returned item , AND a 30% off coupon, and I even earned $20 in "Kohl's Cash" to spend on something else (on my next visit) when I bought them.
 It was a good deal.
 I'm all about good deals.
And they're really nice:

We had used this green set for more than twenty years, and, while they had served us well, the non-stick finish on the inside had begun to "chip" away.
 Nobody wants that stuff in their food. Bye- bye, old green set.......
And hello, new Food Network brand hard-anodized aluminum, dishwasher safe, with riveted handles and nice see-through tempered glass lids:
I like them very much, but I had neglected to realize the importance of the fact that the old green set had plastic handles and I never needed to use pot holders with them.
 Shoot. Didn't even really think about that!
 On this new set, the handles can get hot  -  so I really needed some of these:
 Good old "pan handlers" - not the annoying kind that you might meet on the street - but the good , helpful kind!
Luckily, I happened to have two of them already on hand that I had never even used.
One of them was this one, below. It's been kicking around in this house for, oh - probably about 55 years or more! It was a giveaway when you purchased a Frigidaire appliance back in the 1950s.
Now it is actually going to see some use!
I admired this pair when I saw them on eBay, and surprise!
 Hubby bid on them and bought them for me.
"Gives complete protection from burns". Yep, that's what I need:
 Brand new pots and pans, and cute vintage "pan handler" pot holders.
Now I do believe that I am not in any danger of burning my little hands.
As long as I am careful.
Thank goodness.


Tina Dawn said...

Great pans and love your little holders. Love T

Annette said...

Oh my, I got a set of pots and pans for my husband for Christmas and the same thing...didn't think about the metal handles. I love your pan handlers!! And how great that your hubby bid and won some for you!

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Annette - Glad I'm not the only one......

Rosie said...

I never would have known what those "finger pot holders" were for! I love the print. Thanks for educating me!
love rosie