Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Romeo and Juliet - Six Very Busy Days...performed by the Placerville Shakespeare Club

Good morning. Tina here. 

Yesterday was our performance of "Romeo and Juliet, Six Very Busy Days" at the Placerville Shakepeare Club Social Meeting. The Shakespeare Players worked for close to a year on this, and if I may say so myself, we were great!

This play was written by Robert Wing and was mainly planned for performance by high school students. Thank you to "Tybalt's" hubby for the pictures which were taken at our dress rehearsal on April 10th.

"I'm always a friggin' tree!"

"There is no such thing as a small role."

"Bite your thumb at them!"

"It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

"She hath sworn she will live chaste."

"What, don't you like Mercutio?"

"I'd kill for you, Romeo."

"My lips two blushing pilgrims...

"Dude. You are so going to score!"

"So, the nurse is a nanny and the "friar" is a priest, not poultry."

"I love dear Rosaline with all my heart."

"Romeo, thou art a villain!"

"A plague on both your houses!"

"Either thou or I, or both, must go with him!"

"Stand not amazed!"

"Oh, I am fortune's fool!"

"You don't "kinda" kill someone."

"This production in no way promotes adolescent "friskiness".

"Gotta go!"

"That man has more legs than a bucket of chicken!"

"And remember how I as telling you about how irresistible women find me?"

"What, she dares disobey me, her father?"

"A vault filled with human bones?"

"Yep, dead all right."

"I defy you stars!"

"You want to murder someone, right?"

"Your cheeks and lips are still red."

"Here's to my love."

Oh, happy dagger!"

"There are no small roles!"

 We take our bows.


Heidi Ann said...

Great job, Sis!
It does look like a lot of work went in to it - but also a lot of fun!

lorlore said...

So glad someone took the photos for you!!! Looks like it was great!!!!