Friday, March 25, 2016

A Few More Vintage Crewelwork Pieces

I have found and/or framed a few more crewelwork pieces recently.
This is a brightened-up photo of a portion of this big, beautiful crewel piece I found at one of my local thrift stores:
You can't really tell the size in the next photo - it's about 18 by 32 inches - a nice large one, and very nicely framed:
I also "framed" three more vintage crewel pieces recently - all were thrift shop finds from quite some time ago - I had stashed them away and I had forgotten all about them.
I think I intended to sell them originally, but I looked at them in a new light once I rediscovered them.
I decided to see if I had embroidery hoops into which they would fit.
I did!
Each one of these is 12 inches or more in diameter.
The one above was the easiest of the bunch, and I love the way it turned out.
This one looks pretty decent, also:
 The last one, below was harder to pull tight because of the bulk of the sunflowers.
I would have put it in a larger hoop, but there was a little stain that I needed to hide, even though I really didn't like covering up part of the flowers.
I was able to get it a little bit tighter, after I took this photo.
I added all three to my "Wall Of Crewel" in the guest room, and I like them a lot.
How can one tire of looking at bright and pretty flowers every day?
I just love all the color.


Rhonda said...

Your Crewelwork art is so pretty!

Tina Dawn said...

Love the bees! Looking forward to seeing the wall! Love T