Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I don't like Clowns... but I love Yo Yo Dolls! No vintage fabric was harmed in the making of these dolls!

Yo... Tina here.

I love vintage fabrics, and I love homemade dolls, and put them together, and what have you got?
Well sometimes you get a Yo Yo Doll. I have a few, but they are packed away right now. So I went on a Yo Yo Doll search on ebay, and below I will share some that I found.  Prepare for lots of color and a bunch of cute faces.

A lot of Yo Yo Dolls have clown faces, but they are usually very cute and not scary at all. The jingle bells on this doll add a bit of joy, don't you think?

I happen to favor the hand embroidered faces, but the little manufactured heads are very happy and hard to resist.

The choices of fabric are always interesting. Sometimes they are all wild and crazy, sometimes they are more matchy-matchy, such as red, white, and blue, but they are always colorful. I have yet to find a goth Yo Yo Doll. Actually, that might be kind of fun!

Look at this redheaded girl, she is just cuddle-worthy!

This little guy above has rabbit fur for hair. A little strange, but I like him anyway. He looks Russian to me.

This Poppin' Fresh Dough Baby Yo Yo Doll is made for a toddler, and would make a good pillow!

Starry eyed happy clown! Ready for his Hollywood closeup.

This rather fluffly clown needs to cut down on his donuts. I love his cap!

How can you resist this rick rack trimmed cute face?

Hey, haven't we seen this cute little face before? I think we have some twins and maybe triplets here!

Pompom feet and hands and hat, a happy clown with nice vintage fabric.

There's that cute little face again. I like the collar and hat matching each other.

This Yo Yo Doll looks like he is trying to crawl away. He has a very determined face.

I think this little sweetie has a secret! And she is telling it to...

This little boy... you can definitely tell he's a boy. I think he can keep a secret. He has a boo boo on his head, poor guy.

This Yo Yo Doll is ready for a 4th of July celebration!

Another starry eyed clown. Lots of Yo Yos went into this body. Someone went to a lot of work on his hands and feet. I would love to get up close and personal and look through the fabrics.

Those ears! I think he could hear the secrets from above with ears that big! I like the use of the tassles for feet and hands, very original.

A sad Emmett Kelly Yo Yo doll. Soft and puffy and oh-so cuddly. He just needs love.

A little love with button eyes, and who looks ready to fly away ends our Yo Yo Doll day.


lorlore said...

Very interesting, all different kinds, who knew!!!!! I have a vintage pattern for one listed on Etsy right now.

Heidi Ann said...

Those ares super-cute!! You found so many great examples; I love color so I really enjoyed seeing all of the different dolls. Very cool.

Sunnyana said...

I have three of these YoYo dolls and I think my sister has two. Our grandmother made us each one about 15 inches tall. The others are much smaller. Two are Santas made of red velvet yoyos and white yarn for the beard. I have to say that ours have cute embroidered faces, nothing scary.