Sunday, March 20, 2016

Springtime - And Maybe Some Spring Cleaning?

 "Spring is coming"..  nope it's already HERE!
 These are pages from an old school textbook I found at a thrift store.
So sweet!
  The image you see below is from a vintage Hallmark (stationery) note card. The artist's name is Beard.
 I found the cardboard frame/mat and I thought they looked nice together.
Bright and happy red geraniums for the first day of spring:
As it happens, I found that little card tucked inside of this book:
I was going through some things that were packed away in storage, and I found this book among some that had belonged to our mother.
She may have bought every book about organizing, etc. that she could find. She was ALWAYS trying to do it.
Honestly, it was kind of a fluke that I even came across the book  - "How To Conquer Clutter", written by Stephanie Culp, and published in 1989.
I thought "Hmm..  maybe I should take that home and have a look.."
So I did, and when I opened it up about a week later I actually found the geranium card tucked inside.
 I had sent it to Mother in 1990. Tina and I were heading down to see her and I was sending her directions to an antique mall where we were going to meet.
I am now at a point in my life when - quite like our Mother - I need some very serious help.
I have accumulated SO much stuff that I now need all the help I can get, whether it comes in the form of a book or any other form.
Spring cleaning?
Yes, please - and then we will move on to summer cleaning, fall cleaning, winter cleaning - and on and on and on until I make some freaking progress, for crying out loud!

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Tina Dawn said...

Yes, as you know I am trying to spring clean myself. I thought that card looked familiar, I am sure you sent me one too, I think I have it somewhere! (And I guess that is why I need spring cleaning!) Love T