Thursday, March 17, 2016

What's Penny Wearing? #134 'Tis The Wearin' O' The GREEN, Of Course!

Penny is ready for today, with a wonderful dress full of shamrocks:
This is an old-fashioned dress that I wore when I worked at the City Hotel in Columbia State Historic Park. I bought it because it was very inexpensive - and that's because I reckon it was intended to be worn one day a year!
I could get away with wearing it more by mostly covering it up with a pinafore apron and a shawl - if you can't look closely at the fabric, it just looks like a green calico dress. I couldn't find any of my aprons to use for my photo shoot, here.
For Penny's dress-up day today, I had a choice of two different green pins - this vintage green one with flowers is a particular favorite of mine:
I really do like the way this white shawl looks with the dress.

But my newer little shamrock pin looks pretty good, too, against the bright fabric with the sweet shamrock print:
Will YOU be wearin' green today??
From Penny and me:
"Happy St. Pat's Day", everybody!


Tina Dawn said...

Happy right back to you! What a beautiful dress, the color is glorious! I would have worn it more also. Thanks for the great green wake up! Love T

Patti said...

Wearin'O'The GREEN - is a great title for this post! Penny looks ready for a jig in this pretty dress! Hope you are doing well!