Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Easter Decorations

Sending Happy Easter wishes out there to all of you in Blogland!
Just sharing a few pictures of some of my Easter decorations, beginning with the photo below which shows my treasured vintage papier mache egg-shaped boxes.
The orange bunny on the left has been mine since childhood; an Easter surprise that held candy on that long-ago Easter morning. The similar one on the right was an eBay find - surely you can understand why I "had" to have it!
Assorted little treasures line a little shelf, my favorite of which is still the orange card with the bunny up at the top right, which my sister Lori gave me probably in the 1970's:
And something in every cubbyhole, here:
Atop the next shelf are two of my framed vintage Easter items (both of which have been shown on this blog in earlier posts):
I have only three of these special little wooden egg cups.
I like to think the little gal in the middle is having trouble deciding between her two suitors........
Close-up on the cubbies:
And another shot:
Easter baskets and chicks and such in the foyer:
Nests and bunnies under glass on the table:
And one more close-up, because this framed illustration from a vintage Raggedy Ann book ( which I did not tear apart, by the way) is one of my favorite things:
May all of you be as delighted on this Easter day as the little girl appears to be with her huge bowl of Easter eggs!


Rhonda said...

Cute Easter collections! Happy Easter!

Tina Dawn said...

I just loved seeing all your beautiful decorations in person! It was wonderful, and the Seester's Easter was wonderful. Sonora sure has some cute little old homes! Love you lots. Love T

Diane said...

Very cute!! I like your 70s Easter card too! Such cute and cool designs back then. Hope your Easter was nice!