Sunday, March 6, 2016

More Thrift Finds - With A Punch Of Color

We'll start off today with this great little vintage needlepoint, below.
I found it and put it in the frame, and now it's hanging on the wall, and I love it:
I found a pretty nice orange Fiesta serving bowl, honestly I couldn't believe it was there, back behind some other non-interesting items.
 It has a few little "flea bites", but it was cheap and I was glad I spotted it!
You must understand, I REALLY look when I'm shopping!
These vintage Counterpoint canisters were covered in flowered contact paper years ago by a previous owner.
Unfortunately, that paper is pretty darned dirty now, and I'd have liked their choice more if it had been blue and green, to go with the blue lids.
Oh, well - they were super-cheap, also, and I fear that the paper may not come off easily, so I might just re-cover them with a different color choice.
 I'm on the lookout for some appropriately patterned vintage adhesive paper:
These vintage invitations with a mermaid are just adorable:
Bright as sunshine, a  sweet "good friend" plate:
Two very nice pillow covers, which I assume may have had an afghan or bed coverlet with them, originally - since it's the same type of material as a couple of commercially-made afghans that I have:
I picked up these colorful felt ornaments for nearly nothing after Christmas:
And last of all, I found these vintage salt and pepper shakers with a definite mid-century modern vibe.
I had never seen this shape before, and I think they were probably part of a larger set:
I think they're cool.


Tina Dawn said...

You find such great stuff! Your little needlepoint is adorable. Love T

Diane said...

I think I need to move! Fun finds. Love the ornaments!