Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Corgi Makes a Visit to the Museum

Good morning. Tina here.

Last Sunday I worked at the El Dorado County Historical Museum again. There was a Gold Panning event going on and we had 124 visitors! That is only about 120 more than the usual Sunday. It was a lot of fun, and I met a lot of interesting folks.

I "guarded" the back door which opens into the fairgrounds and overlooks the old stone gate. I had a hand held counter which kept track of our visitors.

I was kept busy clicking!

Early afternoon we had special visitors. A darling little female corgi who is a precious service dog, her owner and his wife.

She was the sweetest thing. A corgi owner myself, I couldn't resist visiting with them and hearing their story.

She is four years old, and her name is Jasmine. They call her Jazz. The pups from her line all have Disney names.  Her owner trained her himself and he did a great job! She is trained to help him in several ways, and can even bring him medicine if needed.

She is so cute everyone wants to pet her, so she is trained to sit and allow pets on occasion. I was lucky and got a close pet and lick of my own.

I hope she comes back to visit again soon!


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, I enjoyed seeing Jasmine! What a lovely and helpful pet.
Thank you for sharing the photos with us! She looks like a real sweetie.

Kari said...

I loved this! And that pup! I hope I am lucky enough to have them visit my work someday!!