Friday, April 29, 2016

Patterns From The Past: His And Hers Caftans From Butterick

Today's patterns from the past are for caftans.
They're basically the same, with one for women and one for men.
 We'll start with hers, which is pattern number 3384.
 Pictured below is the cover of this pattern, with the finished product in color, worn by the lovely Joyce Walker.
(I've written about her before, and I've featured photos of her many times.
 Please check out this post, if you are interested.)
"Sew & Go" - this one honestly doesn't look terribly difficult:
And here is a version for him, pattern number 3383, below.
And I'm sorry that I do not know the name of this handsome gentleman:
And  here are both pattern backs side by side:
So, go ahead - find one of these and stitch yourself up a caftan, vintage style!
(And maybe even one for your significant other, while you're at it.)

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Tina Dawn said...

It does look like they could have just done one unisex pattern, doesn't it? Caftans are a nice comfortable thing to wear. I just might take you up on that stitching idea, but I do have a newer pattern, and it probably won't be striped. I guess this one is from the 70s? Love T