Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Loungechair Road Trip No. 15: Pacific House on Highway 50

Good morning Tina here.

It is a beautiful day, and we are going to lounge and at the same time go up Highway 50 and pay a visit to Pacific House.

This beautiful piece of art above is painted by my good friend, and fellow high school and college art class member Jonni Hill. She trained with George and Carol Mathis and her work is wonderful!

I have always enjoyed seeing this lovely rock-covered building. My mom had a friend who lived on the hill across the highway in a cabin made of rock which overlooked Pacific House. She has passed away and the house burned down.

The postcard above is the same as the one above it however, this one has a description included.

A great postcard showing the inside long ago.

The photo above I was able to get from the internet and unfortunately I didn't put down the photographer's name, and I am so sorry, I would love to give credit.

Above and below are two older postcards I have purchased fairly recently. The lobby, and a lovely rock fountain.

Now we get to the present, the poor place needs a new roof and sits sadly decaying.

Below are remains from the great old two story building that once sat here. I have an old postcard but it is not on my computer so I can't show you right now.

A piece of history crying out for help.

But here I sit in my lounge chair and I am not much help.

Enjoy the great spring day.


Heidi Ann said...

Oh, such a neat old place! I don't even remember being inside, but perhaps I saw it at some point.
These Loungechair Road Trips are such cool posts, Tina - keep 'em coming!

Leanne said...

This makes me want to buy and refurbish this great landmark. If only I had a spare $1m laying around.

Sunnyana said...

What a wonderful building. I love the stone and the pine interiors. I wish I could afford to fix up a place like this. It's such a shame when places like this end up being torn down or fall down. I hope someone will rescue it.

Dirt Doctor said...

I'm Gary Player. My Dad bought a cabin at Lake Tahoe in 1951 and I spent every summer of my young life there until graduating from Stanford in 1964. We preferred Highway 50 and drove to Tahoe from San Mateo. Thanks for the pictures of Pacific House. I wish that I could afford to buy it and rebuild. I looked it up because Walgreens sells Nice spring water from White Meadow Spring at Pacific House. Life is good if you let it be.