Tuesday, April 5, 2016

More Vintage Maidenform Ads - You Know - "I Dreamed ...This and That"..

I've got a few more vintage Maidenform advertisements for you today.
( I've shared some others in previous posts - can't seem to get my links to work today! If you are interested in seeing the others, you will find them by entering "Maidenform" in this blog's search box.)
First up we have this woman who is surely ready for action (just like Ben-Hur") and says "I dreamed I drove them wild in my Maidenform bra", back in 1961:
And the sweet ingenue in the ad below from 1962 muses, "I dreamed I was the center of attraction in my Maidenform bra", :
This next gal doesn't seem to mind putting it all out there - "I dreamed I swayed the jury...":
 At the office, next - "I dreamed I went to work in my Maidenform bra" - no problem with that, as long as you remember to put something on over it:

The lovely lady among the ruins in the next one says, "I dreamed I was a classic beauty in my Maidenform bra":
 "I dreamed I had a stylish carriage ..." - and a pretty fancy hat - and by the way, don't I look rather like My Fair Lady headed for Ascot?
"I dreamed I was wild in the west .." - um, yes, ma'am - you surely would have been considered a wild woman if you were out and about in your unmentionables back in the stagecoach days!
"I dreamed I had the world on a string" - probably from the late 1960's:

I don't know about you, but I really get a kick out of these old advertisements.
Fun, huh?


Diane said...

Kinda wacky! I thought of My Fair Lady too when I saw that one. You can sure see pop culture in some old ads.

James Jarvis said...

I dreamed I scored a touchdown in my Maidenform Bra. :0)

Tina Dawn said...

I love these! I don't remember enjoying them quite so much at the time. The Mad Men should be very proud of their ad campaign! One more suggestion: "I dreamed I put someone's eye out with my Maidenborm Bra" Love T