Thursday, August 14, 2008

Finds From Last Weekend

My sister and I had a couple of days last weekend to go out to yard sales and thrift shops. Here are some of the things I found. A nice vintage bread box, an April Cornell enamel bowl that I'm using now to hold summer tomatoes, a cute little fruitcake tin, and I didn't have the small size milk glass vase, so I picked that up, too.
A Snow White book (I will always buy these if they are inexpensive, even if I already have it!), a cute little wicker "suitcase" - I HAD to get that because it is exactly like the one I've had for over 35 years - and who can't use something else to store stuff in? And the assortment of trims and rick rack were all bagged together at a different thrift store:

Couldn't pass up Betty Crocker's Dinner In A Dish - didn't have this one in my collection yet, and it cost me 45c less than it did new, according to the original price sticker. And the condition is nearly perfect. I have one of those copper chafing dishes that belonged to my mother-in-law. The pretty little rose-painted china lid was a quarter - I know I will find something it fits atop. The blue index file cards are perfect for a smaller box I am storing old photos in. And I am in love with the little bird. She was $1 and is a sweet little tweet.I liked the artwork on the cover of this old Hawaiian album:
And this lovely scarf is 21X74 inches. With it's velvet peacocks and sewn-on beads and tasseled and beaded fringe at each end, it was simply too pretty to pass up.
I'm saving a couple of other finds for another post.


Annette said...

Great stuff! Love the little bird. I love those old bread boxes too, so handy. I happen to have one full of rick rack, so I think your trims were a great find too. Also like the scarf a lot. Love T

tifferbob said...

You found some great things. I like the Hawaiian Cover best.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow! I loved seeing all your finds. I'm so jealous! I loved all of it. Good job! Have a great weekend. Twyla

Vintage Hunter said...

Awesome finds! I especially love the bread box and fruit cake tin. Such fun colors!

sweetheartville said...

I have a serious thing for peacocks, so I love that scarf you found!

Monica said...

I love the Hawaiian album!!!