Monday, August 4, 2008

My Favorite Framed Prints #15

I found this great set of bird prints at a thrift shop in Laytonville, California in May of last year. A pretty bluebird:
A lovely little goldfinch:
A bold and bright red cardinal:
And I'm actually not sure about this last one. Some kind of a thrush or a flicker? Anybody?
I love birds, and I was happy to find this quartet of winged beauties at a great price.
(Note: I found a color plate in an antique book, and the picture of a Fieldfare looks very similar to this. I had never heard of them before! I'm still not completely sure that's what it is, though. 8-23-08)


Claudia said...

Love your bird prints. They are beautiful. I'm not sure what kind of bird the last one is. We have a lot of cardinals around here in the winter. Nothing is prettier than seeing their red feathers against the white snow.

Have a great day.

Annette said...

It does look like a thrush or a flicker. I think it is probably not a western bird, so someone from back East might recognize it. The first two are western and the cardinal isn't, so I am thinking maybe the other one isn't either. I don't have any books on eastern birds. Love T