Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vintage Unmentionables

Oh, what the heck - let's mention them. Just because I think they are fun to see. From 1911:
And 47 years later - a new version of a corset, a Poirette "corselette":
And how about doing the same thing - but in two pieces this time, for better comfort? From Vassarette:
And a different version by Silf Skin:
And an original Silf Skin package with insert:
A cute ad for Cameo Shapemaker Stockings from 1959:
And a Belle-Sharmeer stocking box from the 1930's, just because it's silver and black and I like the look of it:
And a couple of cute little accessories that could come in handy!


Annette said...

Gosh, it is so hot right now it's hard to imagine wearing anything under my clothes! What torture, but I guess it seemed a lot better than the old corsets that made your waist so tiny you couldn't breathe or eat. I could use those new bra straps! Very interesting. Love T

Holly said...

Ha-ha! I remember those "spiral" bras!