Friday, August 1, 2008


I do love Annette Funicello. From adorable child to gorgeous woman, sweet and extremely talented. I, along with her legions of fans, send out good wishes to her for comfort, happiness and love.
These vintage books published by Whitman are part of my collection of Disney books. Sierra Summer (1960) is set in the Sierra foothills - yes, someplace near here! In the fictional town of Lost Creek. No Lost Creek in these parts - we do have a Sutter Creek and a Drytown, though.
In The Desert Inn Mystery (1961), she takes a road trip to Pine Flat, Arizona:
In The Mystery at Moonstone Bay (1962) she's spending her summer on the coast of California in a 16 room house with a private stable!
The Mystery at Smuggler's Cove (1963), she and her friends are planning a luau near Laguna Beach. I want to spend a summer with Annette and her friends!
In The Mystery at Medicine Wheel (1964), she flies to Wyoming to work at a ranch for the summer.
And of course, in this one,also from 1964, she falls for "Merlin Jones, the scrambled egghead, Merlin Jones, the campus kook"
"my heart's whirlin', I'm the girl in love with Merlin Jones!"
Love her, love watching her, love listening to her music!


KariVery said...

OMG!!! So friggen cute, I can hardly stand it. My sister has the "Mystery at Moonstone Bay," and I read it too. I always imagined it was near Monterey, California, where we grew up.

Claudia said...

Oh, how I wanted to be Annette! I would watch her on The Mickey Mouse Club and think it must be the coolest thing in the world to be her. And she got to be in things with Tommy Kirk, who I adored. What great memories.

Annette said...

I just found an old 78 record album at the catholic church rummage sale for $1 with songs from the Mickey Mouse Club but Annette isn't on it. It is from 1955. I sure used to love the Mickey Mouse Club, especially the serials like Spin and Marty. And, "Roy Roy Quick on the Draw" since I liked to draw. Love T

Anonymous said...

I ran Annette's fan club for 28 years and she was a joy to work with. Unfortunately, she is very ill with MS and doesn't have any quality of life these days. Please pray for her. I'd like to publish a link to your site in my Yahoo Group for Annette fans. Thanks for honoring her.
Rita Rose, Indianapolis

Heidi Ann said...

Rita, how nice of you to comment. I'm not at all surprised to hear that she was a joy to work with. You could just tell that she is a total sweetheart. I was afraid she was probably not doing at all well, and I'm sorry to hear that. We will always be able to enjoy the wonderful legacy of work she created for her fans. And I will continue to enjoy her movies and all of her work for Disney and the music and books I have for the rest of my life.

Karen Jo said...

I love Annette and pray for her too, as I'm sure her legions of fans do!

Annette said...

I too am adding Annette to my prayers. She was a great role model for young girls in the 50s. And she still is. The young Disney girl stars of nowadays should look to her and see what they could aspire to, instead of the partying and craziness that goes on now. Is anyone going to look back at them 50 years later and be proud that they looked up to them? I think not.

Melony said...

I love the covers on these books,and that's why I have a collection of them myself. So cheerful, and sappy sweet innocent. Plus, they look adorable on a shelf!

I have admired how she has dealt with her disease and wish God's blessings in her life.

Melanie said...

I've never seen these Annette books. So sad that she is now gone. She was so talented and beautiful. Since I grew up in the 70's, I also remember her in the peanut butter commercials. :)

These books do remind me of my mom's Donna Parker books, which were also published by Whitman. I read them when I was growing up, and still have them.