Sunday, August 10, 2008

Then And Now #6 - Baker's Chocolate

La Belle Chocolatiere - "this dainty lady is a guarantee of purity, quality, and goodness", from Baker's Chocolate and Cocoa products, made at the time by Walter Baker & Co, Ltd. in Dorchester, Mass.
The recipe booklet above has lots of great-looking recipes and even color pictures of some of the chocolate goodness found within.
I seem to always have some of this chocolate on hand.
Baker's is the brand I buy most often for baking. Not sure why, except perhaps that I think it's the kind Daddy usually bought. He did the grocery shopping after work on payday Friday. Back then, there weren't as many choices at the grocery store, you know. Nothing like now! Here is how an 1/2 lb. package looked in 1925: And here is a magazine advertisement from 1956:
And this is inside the front cover of a recipe book dated 1958:The front of the same recipe book:
And as it looks today -straight from my baking cupboard!
I probably use it most often for brownies or chocolate frosting. I'm making myself hungry.


Annette said...

The fudge with the walnuts looks just like the fudge we used to make. Yummy! Smooth and lovely. I am not sure how I managed to grow up not being a chocoholic, but that doesn't mean I don't like it sometimes! And I am still remembering the lovely homemade chocolate pudding with the bit of elastic crust on the top when you dug in. Great post my lovely sister. Love T

Kim G said...

Must..Have....Chocolate!!!! Yummy!