Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion attraction opened at Disneyland 40 years ago today.
It's scarier at night!
Coincidentally, I just found this original LP jacket from the same year at a thrift store exactly one week ago:
Unfortunately, the album was missing (I knew that when I bought it - it was only a quarter) , but it did have the booklet intact inside with great pictures like this:
And this old guy:

Happy 40th birthday to the 999 happy haunts, the hitchhiking and grim grinning ghosts, and every "body" else! Just like everything at Disneyland, I love it!


yosemite faith said...

ooooh very scarey! i went to disney land in 1957. after that when my mother became a snowbird - we always went to disney world and my mother would never go on or to anything scarey - so i haven't experienced the haunted mansion and any other places/rides in that genre. that booklet was well worth that quarter wasn't it? i still have not forgotten about the booklet from that 1957 trip i promised you - but it is in the cottage that my brother inherited - so it may take a while.

Annette said...

Love the Haunted Mansion, especially the ballroom dancing ghosts, the hitchhiking ghosts and the little lady at the end (I swear she is REAL!) 40 years ago, who would have thunk it? Love T

jungle dream pagoda said...

OOOOOOO,such a cool thrift find ....aaaaand a major bargain as far as I'm concerned!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

The booklet is fantastic! Definitely worth a quarter. Twyla

Anthony said...

I have a later re-issue (?) of this record, I think. It's a Haunted Mansion themed Halloween sound effects record, and my parents played it every year in the background while they gave out candy to trick-'r-treaters. Some of the stuff on it REALLY scared me as a child!

I've always wondered how different the attraction was at first, before they supposedly made it less frightening. If that's even true... Do you know, Heidi?

Heidi Ann said...

Hi Anthony! I don't recall anything about changes. I have another different album, too. I think it is a completely different thing, rather than a re-issue. I REALLY wish the LP had been inside this jacket - but I wanted it anyway. Maybe there is something in one of my books about changes in the attraction? I'll try to look it up sometime.

Anonymous said...

what a great find! when i was living in socal, we went to disneyland every year, sometimes twice! now its been over 12 since i've gone and i am longing to return.