Friday, August 28, 2009

More of Dad's Old Neckties

Dad (my father-in-law) had LOTS of ties. I showed you some of them in a previous post. He had paisley ties:
Ties by Ernst:
Batik ties:
Striped ties:
More by Ernst:
Roos Brothers, these had a metallic sort of sheen:
More stripes:
And these were a silky soft rayon, in assorted colors:

Like I said, lots and lots!


yosemite faith said...

the 'christmas' red & green stripe caught my eye and i know you know why. i saw a spot on rachael ray where they took ties and wove them in and out on the 'slatted back' of a wooden chair. it turned out better than i thought it would. i love paisley - my brother had one that i loved so much that i had my mom make a 3 piece velveteen suit (skirt, vest blazer) so that i could wear it. i did have to buy the pale yellow button down shirt though. oh - the suit was dark forest green. i was in high school - and in later years it disappeard - sadly - i am sure she gave it away - as she did with all my clothes over the years (from the very beginning). generous yes but some items i wish i still had. back to ties - john has tons - even the one that he wore when we got married - which as of tomorrow will be 39 years ago.

Annette said...

Happy anniversary Faith. I am a paisley enthusiast also. Love the stuff. I wear some form of it almost every day. I can't believe the number of ties that Dad had, our Daddy probably had about 3 at the most. But I don't even remember him in a tie. Tina