Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dad's Vintage Neckties

Like a lot of men, my father-in-law had quite an assortment of neckties in his closet. The floral beauties, above, with a tropical note are some of my favorites. Pretty cotton with sort of a faded look - and I love the label on that middle one. Splash Magic!
I really like the two silver and black silk ones below, as well. I have attached vintage black sequined and beaded shoe clips as my "tie tacks" .
We have sold a number of them on Ebay, but some are just too nice for me to part with. I think he probably purchased all of his ties in California, and most have California labels on them . He must have purchased at least one tie every time they stayed in Carmel, which they loved to do. All four of those below are from Ernst of California, and the 3 at left are all Batik. Such pretty colors.
Those lovely stylized horses on the one on the left, below, really appeal to me. You can't really tell from my scan, but the center one is the prettiest bronze color with a metallic sheen. That one has a tag from Ronne with a little Eiffel Tower on it - French or from a French designer? And the one on the right is fabulous with it's little planes, trains, automobiles, sailboats, and seagulls! All three are silk.

Others in his collection that are special to me have labels from local shops. Trouble is, my husband wears a necktie less than once a year!


Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi!!! I know that shop in Carmel--my Grandpa Bob (my Dad's daddy) used to shop there whenever he came to visit us when we lived in Monterey, CA. G-Pa was quite the "Dandy." I'm sure that's where my Dad got his love of clothes and shoes. It is a very old-school, EXPENSIVE mens store and I LOVED going there as a little girl. I remember they had licorice chew candies there, and if I was good, I would get one (of course I was!!) Thanks for the great reminder of my G-Pa!!

Heidi Ann said...

Oh - That is really neat that you remember going there! I love that!

Annette said...

Hi Kary. What a great connection between you and Heidi, I love it! Our Daddy almost never wore a tie, I think that is why all of his 3 girl's husbands aren't "tie guys" maybe, we go where Daddy went. Not that that doesn't mean they don't look great when they do wear one!. Love the ties, and the Carmel connection. We need to go there again and check it out. Love T.

woof nanny said...

You've got some incredible thrift goodness on this blog! Thanks for stopping by mine today. Did you know I have a sewing with neckties blog too?