Monday, April 21, 2008

Marvelous Mosaics At DCA

I made sure to get pictures last week of these glorious mosaic walls at Disney's California Adventure.

Can I even TELL you how much I love these??

I mean, let's take EVERY SINGLE THING we can think of or find and incorporate it into a Fantasmic phantasmagoria of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious glory!

I've gotta learn how to do this. I LOVE them!


Annette said...

Oh, I love them too! I have collected broken stuff to make something like that someday. These are so colorful, I want to see them in person. How lucky an artist to get to make such a fun creation at Disneyland. Thanks for showing us. I don't think it is really too hard to do, and with your great eye for color and your collecting habits it should be a breeze for you. Love T

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

How pretty and so colorful! Have you been over to see the works at Lavender Hill by Penny? She does the most amazing mosaic work and has been featured in many magazines, too.

Thank you for sharing!!