Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tiddly Winks And Other Toys

This game of Tiddly Winks, shown above, was here in our basement - from my husband's childhood. I bought the box of checkers below many years ago because I liked the colors and graphics on the box. And I picked up some wooden blocks at a thrift store, just because they're always fun.
I was really tickled when I found this old Cootie box with all of it's little Cootie parts intact inside - also at a thrift shop. I remember playing with Cooties when I was little - maybe you do, too?
And these little painted animals were inside of a wonderful vintage Christmas box. I really wanted the box- but I also liked what was inside! I found those at an antique shop downtown. It's in the building which for years housed a clothing store that just happens to have been owned by the family who lived in the house next door to us for 64 years.

I just love the bright colors of all of these vintage toys and games.


Annette said...

I played all those games. I also remember one with little sticks that had magnets on them and you used them to move a bee through a little path. I can't remember what it was called. Freddy Buhlert and I played that all the time when I went to his house while our Mothers visited with each other. We also played Cootie, and pick up sticks, I always liked that one a lot. Love T

Monica said...

I have that cootie!!!! I love all of it!

Kim G said...

Wow! You weren't kidding! We do have the same games!! I still play Cootie with my little sister at the cabin!