Sunday, April 20, 2008

1930's Movie Star Clippings

A while back, I found a small stack of these old clippings from 1930's movie magazines in a box with some other stuff from my mother-in-law's college years.
Some young starlets:
And handsome leading men:
I sold this lot of Gary Cooper clippings on Ebay:
Some time later,I was delighted to find this old photograph from what we assume was her room when she was attending UC Berkeley. I see some of the very same clippings I found hanging on the walls in this photo! I thought that was pretty neat. I believe I determined at least some or most of them to be from 1931 from the snippets of movie references on the back side. But the gorgeous blonde in the last picture is my favorite. An artist's rendering rather than a real photo like all of the others, hers was the only color image found in the lot. (Sorry about the glare on the glass - that was the best shot I had!) What a beauty she is.

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Annette said...

What fun. Your mother-in-law was just as lovely and in step with the times as these starlets. I find the fact that they are from 1931 very interesting. I really love the "georgeous blonde's" hairdo in the last one. Such lovely waves. Love T