Friday, April 11, 2008

Cute Cats

I had this Snuggles book when I was little. I think my Grandma Mom gave it to me. I LOVED it. Well, somehow along the way and over the years, it got damaged. Badly. Like unsalvageable water-damaged yuck. I was SO upset. I may even have saved it in it's horrid state because I was heartbroken and couldn't bear to toss it out. Well - imagine my delight when I found another copy YEARS later at an antique mall in Anaheim. It's perfect. YAY!! I am taking good care of it, believe me.

Goody is another adorable kitty book. It's the sweetest story about the mother cat, and how she hides her litter of kittens to protect them. I love these old Rand McNally Elf books. I wish I had every single one they ever printed. I just really love vintage children's books. I think the kitty on this card, below is so pretty ! A cat - in a hat, and with a pink polka dot bow. This birthday card was given by my husband, I think in the 50's or 60's.
And check out this little bundle of fluffy grey sweetness - sittin' pretty on pink stationery!

Let's all say it together, now...."Awwwwww"


Annette said...

So cute. I love the Elf books also, as you well know! It looks like Snuggles is one where they put the real head and paws through the holes in the drawing. No kitty was harmed in the making of this Elf book! I want that little gray fluffy kitten. I have been having "need a new kitten" disease for about a year now, since my cats are now almost 7 and almost 5 years old. They need a little ball of fluff to rile them up a bit! Except maybe not too fluffy since we have all those stickers out on the property that get tangled badly enough in my shorthaired cats. Love T

Mama Brook said...

I can't take it!!!

Monica said...

awwww kitties!!!!

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Leilani said...

Aw those vintage kitties are so sweet! I pick up kitten items when I see them too. :)