Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just Some Pretty Little Things

Another in my myriad of collections is vintage vanity and bath items. Clockwise from top left, below: Roses on the top of a small cosmetic jar, a child-size marbleized plastic shoehorn,top of a white glass Avon cream jar, gorgeous vintage earrings which were a gift from my sister, and a lovely vintage floral Ponds powder box with the covered powder still inside, all atop one of my favorite rose handkerchiefs.
On top of a pretty butterfly tile from a thrift store are a vintage Yardley English Lavender bottle ( still one of my very favorite scents!), a tiny compact that probably once held rouge - I have used it as a pillbox - and another little marbleized shoehorn.
And a pretty glass flower bouquet I found here in the house backed by a vintage vanity tray.

I also have hand mirrors and powder boxes with those marbleized tops. I love that stuff.


Annette said...

Gosh, what lovely earrings ;) Love all this stuff, especially the little shoehorn. Poor little kid, if she needed a shoehorn that shoe must not have been too comfortable. I had forgotten all about Yardley English Lavendar, love it too, also Muguet de bois (?) forget how to spell it, only having taken Spanish, but that is a lovely scent too. Love T

Leilani said...

I love compacts and vanity items too... they were one of the first things I collected! Sadly compacts have gotten pretty expensive but I do find tons of vintage bathroom items at estate sales for cheap. The shoe horns are great, didn't know they made them so fancy!