Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Hayley!

It's Hayley Mills' birthday today - and I want to wish her a wonderful, happy day full of Magic and Rainbow Makers! I grew up watching her Disney films, and I own and love them ALL.
I think she is just fabulous, and she is one among the list of my very favorite actresses ever.

I can watch her movies over and over again, Pollyanna, The Parent Trap, etc. But I am especially fond of Summer Magic - I think due, in part, to the glorious Victorian house, and the great Burl Ives.
Happy, happy birthday to you, Hayley, and thank you so much for all the years of wonderful entertainment for all generations, now and forever.


KariVery said...

First: Yay!! Heidi's back and there's a new post!!
Second: My niece, Hayley Kathleen Monihan, is named after the lovely and talented Hayley Mills--he also happens to be one of my sister's favorite actreses.
Thrid, that Darn Cat looks just like my hubby's beloved Darn Cat, Ming!

KariVery said...

Ooops! That's what I get for not previewing my comments. SHE is one of my sis's fave actresses!!

Annette said...

Oh, you know I love her too! I could watch Parent Trap over and over (though I also love the newer Lindsay Lohan film too!) And Summer Magic is just a beautiful film, great music! Kari, that darn cat looks like my Luna too, only Luna has a short tail (birth defect). Welcome home, we missed your blog. Love T