Saturday, April 26, 2008

From Yesterday

I went out yesterday and ran around a little bit after an appointment. One stop was the Hallmark store - because I wanted to get free new adhesive gift wrap ( I got 2 free!) with a coupon I had, and save an additional $4 with another coupon. I also got the pretty striped box (special value 1/2 price!) in the background above with the pretty pink ribbon and flower. look how gorgeous it looks with this vintage card I got in the mail yesterday afternoon (from eBay). Wowza on those colors, huh?
From the same seller, I had also purchased this vintage Disneyland postcard folder (below), so I scanned it here with my castle pin I bought when we were there. I'm sorry you can't tell in my scan how sparkly it is - studded with rhinestones. See how Sleeping Beauty's Castle looks in the picture from the 60's? It is more colorful now, and very pretty.

. (See? More like it looks on the pin.)
I also made it to one thrift store and found this bag. I know it's not very old, but I couldn't resist it's spangles of mother of pearl or shell. They match a little shell pendant I have had since I was quite young.

I had hoped to find an old frame I had seen on my last visit that I realized after I got home was the perfect size to frame this lovely 1928 bathing beauty, below. Ain't she sweet? The frame was still there! For $1.00. Yippee!
I was happy with my little outing.

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Annette said...

I thought I had left a rather long rambling comment on this post on Saturday and it isn't here. I guess I must have pushed the wrong key or something. Anyway, I won't repeat it. It was just a comment on what fun it is to get out to the thrift stores and garage sales and find pretty little bargains, and how nice it is when an item you want waits for you patiently when you already passed it up once! I have learned not to count on that happening too often though. Love T