Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Then And Now #45 - The Osterizer Beehive Blender

We grew up with an old Osterizer blender in our kitchen. It had just the one toggle switch - on or off, those were your choices. Hey - it was good enough at the time! You could still make milkshake in it- that's probably all this little girl cared about (not that we had them often). This book was published in 1952. The little clip you see at the top right is an advertising tie clip that my father-in-law probably wore at his appliance store. It's a lenticular image - it switches between "Osterizer" and "Spins Sales With Woman's Day"- apparently a promotional arrangement with the magazine as a giveaway or something:
The one we had was like this, except it had a white base rather than the chrome:
Instructional pages from inside the cookbook:
When they first came out with their "Classic" blender, I decided that was the one I needed to have! It is so much more attractive than the other boring blenders that were available at the time.
You can still find this model for sale, and mine is still serving me well after quite a few years. And I even found an additional pitcher, a plastic one, online. So if the glass one is in the dishwasher, I have another.
Now they have a new model, The Contemporary Classic - it looks pretty great, too:

A milkshake is sounding kind of good right now. But maybe I will have a low point smoothie instead!


Annette said...

Just a note, Weight Watchers has a new smoothie out now that is peppermint flavored, sounds good to me, even though I am not a smoothie person. Add a bit of cocoa, and yum. I wonder if they have the Osterizer Contempory Classic in copper, wouldn't that be pretty? I wonder where our old blender is now, and if it is working. Probably. Love T

yosemite faith said...

one thing obout the osterizers - they are like the energizer bunny of blenders - they keep on going!

Heidi said...

I have the red one in your last photo and I love it! She's SO pretty. :) It sounds like a jet engine when it's running but boy, does it make a quick smoothie!

Anthony said...

We had the chrome classic one on our wedding gift registry, and we got it! That was like THE one gift I was most hoping for, too!

But can you believe we haven't used it yet?... And our 1-year wedding anniversary is just around the corner! We'd better celebrate with some milk shakes, huh?!

Heidi Ann said...

Yes, Anthony - I DO believe you two should celebrate with milkshakes - or margaritas? Whichever. Just break in that fabulous blender!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I have an Osterizer cyclomatic, but it's not as pretty as the ones in your pictures or yours. Sure blends good though! Twyla