Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun - Hair "Care"

From 1968 - products to lighten your hair in the sun, from Summer Blonde:
to Midnight Sun:

But this is the one that my sister and I used - I used it for YEARS:
And then, you could always clean your hair with Psssssst, the Instant Shampoo. I will never forget their little jingle in the commercials: "Clairol freshens your hair instantly- with Psssssst!"
Mini-Mist? Don't remember that one! Sorry - they must not have made a memorable commercial!

They did have an awfully cute blonde in their ad, though. Love her hair and the sunglasses.


Annette said...

I loved Psssssst, I wish they still made it! I don't remember the name Mini-Mist, but I do remember there was another product so it could have been that or something else. Sun In was great, or you could just use lemon juice too, that is if your hair tended toward blonde anyway. Great post. Love T

yosemite faith said...

if you are truly a blonde vodka is supposed to work too but what a waste of what could be the start of a good cocktail. sun in - yes i did - midnight sun - yes i did and i know i used lots of others too!

Paul Duca said...

I subscribe to, which has airchecks of classic Top 40 radio stations during its golden era (50s--70s). All these hair products have commercials that can be heard in them, including Mini-Mist. There are a couple of spots for that from Los Angeles radio station KHJ, read by legendary disc jockey The Real Don Steele.