Friday, August 14, 2009

Jane and Michael Stern

I have been collecting the books by Jane and Michael Stern for a long time. I just really like them. Roadfood was the first one I bought. It's dated 1978:
Square Meals is from 1984:
And they just seem like really neat people, too. A Taste Of America, 1988:

American Gourmet, 1991:

Eat Your Way Across The Usa (sounds good to me!) 1997:

Blue Plate Specials and Blue Ribbon Chefs, 2001:
The Blue Willow Inn Cookbook, 2002:

There was also a movie made about their real life, Ambulance Girl, which Kathy Bates directed and starred in. I saw it when it was on TV and I enjoyed it very much. They have written a number of other books that I don't have in my collection - and I will probably pick them up if I have the chance.
What a great job to have - traveling and writing about food!


yosemite faith said...

i don't have any of their cookbooks and they look good. thanks for the heads up about the movie - i will try to find it sometime.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I had no idea they'd written that many books! Yep, that's the kind of job I'd like to have! Twyla

Paul Duca said...

Another book of theirs you have to read is SIXTIES PEOPLE, about various cultural movements of that era and those involved with them. You are a perfect example the subject of Chapter One..."Perky Girls".