Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Summer Fun - Camping

The only type of vacations we took when we were growing up were camping trips. We did go stay with relatives in southern California sometimes - and the occasional lucky trip to Disneyland for less than one full day - which, of course was fabulous. But mostly, camping was it. And we loved it.
Maybe you went camping, too? I guess some people just slept in their cars. This old Nash looks like it could have been rather accomodating!

Or, maybe you had a cab-over camper, or you pulled a trailer?
Or a pop-up tent/camper in a trailer or a truck-bed? We had a tent, but also Daddy created some pretty neat home-made things. We had a built-in plywood contraption that fit into the back of our Corvair Greenbrier van that mad a flat surface so we girls could sleep in there. It had hinges and compartments and flip-ups and was pretty ingenious! Wish I had a picture of it. And, naturally, we had the Coleman stove and lantern, and all of that. And we had a neat old cupboard thing that folded all up and held a lot of "pantry" stuff.

This old tent served us well for many years. Tina and I took some trips with it. It finally wore out. One of our favorite areas to go was also sort of the old family stomping grounds- Gualala, Anchor Bay, etc.
I'm afraid I'm not much of a tent camper anymore. But I'd love to go if we had a comfortable camper or trailer!


Lorlore said...

I loved our camping trips!! Oh we had some fun!! Great memories!! I went camping last summer w/ my kids and grandson. I may go to Tahoe camping w/ a friend next month. I have most everything, found at thrift stores and yard sales. I still enjoy it, just not being cold at night!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Would you believe I've Never been camping?! I must admit the thoughts of it always scared me. I like the version of them sleeping in the car. That way you can lock your doors! Twyla

yosemite faith said...

well you know i love rvs (small ones) and i do the lazy camping in housekeeping camp in yosemite -the only lazy thing about it is not putting up a tent. the old cars were huge and you could 'live' in them quite comfortably! rhonda (RIP) was such a coleman fanatic-i cannot see anything coleman without thinking of her.
i was never cold in housekeeping beause i took an electric blanket so that i would never climb into a cold bed and a heater just in case.

Annette said...

I hope no one looks too closely at the way we put up the tent in the last photo! It was so hard to get it all straight with those old poles. Remember when we were at Anchor Bay and the light rain made a big puddle right over our heads? As long as you didn't touch it you were okay. The poor old tent would still be packed away in our shed if it had been up to me, but it is now composting somewhere at the El Dorado County dump, thanks to DH. It sure went to a lot of places up and down California and Oregon. Thanks for the memories. Love T