Monday, January 25, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

I guess little boys don't really dress up like cowboys and Indians any more like they used to, do they? Because it sure was popular back in the day. The dates on these pictures, below of my husband and his brother (clockwise from top left) are 1951, 1948 (with neighbor Marci), 1949, and 1950:
And these two of my brother-in-law are from 1952 and 1951:

You can see this was their favorite mode of costume! Cowboys were popular on TV and in advertisements, too, of course. This Sunshine Hydrox cookie ad is from 1953:
And here's a Tide advertisement from 1955:

Here is my husband at Knott's Berry Farm in 1957, posing with some Indian friends. (Check out his Mickey Mouse Club shirt! They had already been to Disneyland):

More cowboys- with guns this time - from 1959:
And some more rascals from a Simoniz Floor Wax ad, also 1959. Artwork by Whitney Darrow:
This is the last one I found, from 1969:
Just one big happy family, huh?


Tina Dawn said...

Oh to be a child again, and get such joy just from the clothes on your back and a little imagination! What darling photos of little innocents playing dress-up. Loved this post. Love T

Anthony said...

Great old B/W's!
I love how the kids looked back then, dressed as cowboys and indians!

When I was growing up, Star Wars was the BIG thing, so a lot of boys pretended to be either Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Darth Vader. For the girls... Princess Leia, of course! And instead of guns, we played with lightsabers (or sticks worked just as well).

It's really sad that a lot of kids now days are missing out on that fun, simple and healthy activity we all used to know as "play time".
Instead of being encouraged by their parents to actually go outside and play with friends in the neighborhood, most children are allowed to just sit like lumps, pressing buttons on a video game controller for hours, and hours...

Heidi Ann said...

I know what you mean, Anthony - it doesn't seem like kids play outside at all anymore, other than at school recess.

yosemite faith said...

my brothers had the entire outfit, teepee and in their room bedspreads & curtains-of which i found some of the fabric from them my mom had saved. i have it now.