Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tina's Welsh Corgi Robbi

Hi. My name is Duke Robin Hood of Kelsey, commonly known as Robbi. I am about to celebrate my 6th birthday on January 20th, so my mom, Tina, thought it was about time I had my own post on Gold Country Girls. She is just about done in from loading all the photos of me onto the blog this morning, so she is going to rest now and let me do the talking.
This is me looking adorable and kind of fluffy at 4 weeks old. I was still living with my first family. I had four brothers and no sisters. Which was good for me, since if I'd had a sister my mom would have taken her and then where would I be? Who knows?
Here I am at 7 weeks, still in Camino at my first home. My ears hadn't started to come up yet. When they did, one of them was lovely, and one of them took so long to pop up that my mom Tina got worried about it. It's fine now though.
My mom's sister Heidi always loved the corgi's painted by Tasha Tudor in her many books. Heidi collected items with corgi's on them, and always wanted a corgi, but somehow never got around to it. My mom Tina liked corgis too, after she discovered them through Heidi. Tina worked with Christine and needed a puppy, and Christine had corgis. So now my mom has me.
I have a lot to show you so we'd better get started.
A lot of my life is spent behind some kind of fence, because we live way out in the country and it can be dangerous for me. But I am always looking to be able to get out and chase the deer, which is my main job around the yard.
This isn't really my job, but I spend a lot of time bugging Luna. She doesn't like it but puts up with it as long as she can stand it. I keep it up as long as I can.
I know she secretly likes it but she usually gets tired and walks away. I would really like to bug Cheshire Cat too, but he never comes near me. I just don't understand his problem with me.
I love to run around the yard and I love to dance. But if someone (usually my mom) is dancing, exercising, or moving too fast in the house I get really excited and want to do it too. I start barking and jumping and I get in trouble. That's why I don't like it when other people dance.
I am a big helper around the yard. Here I am spotting my dad to make sure he isn't injured while piling logs for the burn pile. I also make sure that no deer come near and distract him.
In this shot I am making sure that if dad drops something I can let him know to pick it up. I am really a big help.
This is one of my main jobs. I wait in the kitchen so that if a piece of food falls on the floor I can clean it up like it was never there. It saves a lot of sweeping and mopping.
I really love kids. Here I am doing my job, making sure that if the granddaughters drop any Easter eggs on the floor it can be quickly taken care of and they won't get into any trouble.
Kids are so much fun. But I am always bummed when they go outside to swing because I don't get to play with them then, I have to stay in my pen. I just get so excited that I want to try to stop them from swinging too high. I consider it my job, but they don't like it when I try to jump at the swing and grab it with my teeth to stop it. People are so funny about stuff like that.
I always wait patiently until everyone comes back in and I can play again.
Occasionally I get to go along on a vacation. This is me enjoying the beach at Gold Bluffs in Prairie Creek Redwoods, Northern California. I love beaches! My mom got a video of me getting caught by surprise by a little wave. What fun.
There are a lot of great smells on a beach. It's almost as fun as the kitchen floor at home.
One of my favorite parts of vacations are the rest areas. There are picnic grounds with yummy tidbits under the tables, lots of tires to relieve myself on, great odors abound. This rest stop is by Clear Lake, California. It was sprinkling lightly. Just lovely.
Here I am in Las Vegas. I didn't get to gamble, not old enough yet I guess. But our hosts had a great backyard. Please make a note of my tongue, more about my tongue later. I have traveled a lot. I've been to Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, and of course a lot of California.
Sometimes I don't get to go on vacation with my family, so I stay at Dog-Woods Resort in Georgetown, California with Theresa. Just before it's time to go home she gives me a bath. I usually need one because I like to roll in stuff. I won't say what kind of stuff because that is my business, not yours, but needless to say it is best I have a bath before I get in the car.
I like baths. I don't usually need one since I have thick fur which dirt doesn't cling to. But they sure do feel good. Notice the tongue again.
I have a wonderful tongue. It is so long and so useful. I use it all the time. I almost feel it is my best feature.
Watch out, don't trip over your tongue.
Well, I am going to say goodbye now, but before I leave, I wanted to show you the painting my mom did of me (and my tongue). I hope you enjoyed reading about me.


Heidi Ann said...

Robbi! I DID enjoy reading all about you - very much! You are too darned cute. Please thank your mom for me for all of her hard work on the pictures for this post.
And the portrait she painted of you is wonderful - you are one lucky dog. I think somehow you know that.

yosemite faith said...

oh robbie - you are such a tease! you are so cute and look so different from when your ears were down when you were little. aren't you glad that tina picked you? it makes you when of the luckiest of dogs. not all dogs get to go to the beach and on vacations. you should count your lucky stars (er treats) that you have the home that you do.

Jennifer D said...

Sir Robbi it is wonderful to meet such a fine dog. I once had a Corgi named Frito, he was a dear friend and I miss him still. I so enjoyed your post, you seem to have a fun filled life.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Robbi, I have enjoyed meeting you more than you will ever know! You had me at the first picture. What an adorable puppy you were! I enjoyed seeing you on your adventures and can see that you are such a help around the house. I'm sure your tongue comes in very handy also, especially for keeping the kitchen floor clean. Thank you for introducing yourself, it's been a pleasure meeting you! Twyla