Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Raincoat And Hot Cocoa Weather!

Yes, it is. It's been raining for days. I'm one of those crazy people who likes the rain, but then I am home, safe, warm and dry. If you need to go out- wear your raincoat! How about a pretty pink one like this young lady is wearing ? (Illustration by Don Neiser from Family Circle magazine)
Or you could keep dry in one of these rain capes, I suppose? From Good Housekeeping Magazine:
But when you come in out of the rain, treat yourself to a nice hot cup of cocoa or hot chocolate. I love the the set of dishes they are using in this Nestle's ad:

Go ahead, you deserve it:
This recipe was a winner, from Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Sure sounds good to me:
Are you warmed up yet?


Tina Dawn said...

The lady in the pink raincoat looks like she is being mugged. Was that guy caught in the action? Curious minds want to know. I always have a good raincoat, mostly from thrift stores. And I must have about ten umbrellas, because I end up buying one every year. I still miss the umbrella someone stole from me in the Beverly's Fabrics store in downtown Placerville. I had set it by the door to dry off, and when I went to leave it was gone. I had to walk back to work a block in the thunderous downpour, with my fabric. Haven't you ever heard of Karma, people? I love the rain too, and don't mind walking in it if I stay mostly dry. Cocoa is a great idea, I could make that even if the power is off, on the woodstove. Love T

Lorlore said...

My Son stayed overnight recently and in the evening I gave him a mug of Cocoa with peppermint Schnapps and mini marshmallows. He had never tasted it that way before and I think he went looking for some Schnapps at the store the next day!!!
I did a few trips as a young adult with good friends to cross country ski at full moonlight up at Ice House Lake and that was the drink of choice when we got back to our cars!!

yosemite faith said...

cozy cocoa....great catch phrase. know its been pretty frightful weather wise in california lately. take care all!

A Dancing Mango said...

How fun these ads are to look at.
A Pink raincoat is the only way to go..right?
Lovely posts you did girl.
I love the hot cocoa to warm you from the rain.
Yes, I would have to say. There is definately a place in my heart for rain! MUSIC DAY FOR ME! lol
Hugs, Darlene xo
Thank you for your lovely visit!!
and wonderful to see you on my blog.
hugs, Darlene