Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mary Engelbreit's Cookbooks

Lori's post about her last week inspired me to do another - about some of her books this time.
Mary Engelbreit's cookbooks are some of my favorites of all time! I have LOTS of her books, but these might be the ones I like best of all, because not only do you get her wonderful artwork inside, but you also get great recipes AND photographs that feature my favorite VINTAGE kitchenware and dishes, props, etc.
"Let's Party", indeed!
The first two I've shown you are smaller format books (approx. 7&1/4 inches square), and you can see how great the covers look. The Mary we know and love. Check out these beautiful heart-shaped cookies on the cover of the Cookies Cookbook:
All of the rest are larger (approx 10&1/4 inches square), and I'm sorry they wouldn't fit entirely on my scanner. The Sweet Treats Dessert Cookbook:
I'm just showing you one example of the photographs inside. See what I mean? Fire King Jane Ray dishes, and cherries on a canister and a tea towel. I love it all. (From Sweet Treats - photograph by Alison Miksch, book designer Alexandra Maldonado):
The Queen Of The Kitchen Cookbook:
The Dining Out Cookbook:
You're Invited - A Cookbook For Special Occasions:

'Tis The Season - The Holiday Cookbook:

If you have any of these, you know what I mean about how great they are. If you don't, well- click on my link to Amazon at the beginning of this post, because you might want them if you are a fan of all of this stuff like me. (I just discovered there's a new one coming out in May!) Mary's illustrations, and the beautiful work of the photographers, food stylists, and prop stylists combine to make these some very special volumes. It would be an absolute dream job of mine to be the prop stylist for a book like this or a magazine. And I'd be good at it! I am going to sit down and look through each and every one of them again - they deserve to be enjoyed and appreciated thoroughly!


Tina Dawn said...

Hey, here's an idea, you could cook your way through all of them and write a blog about it! Oh, wait, I think maybe that's been done... Love the looks of that chocolate pie. I heard once that Mary E doesn't really do much cooking, but that's okay, because her delightful drawings and those lovely photos help out those of us who do. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i don't have any of her cookbooks and they look fantastic. another great collection heidi!

Jennifer D said...

didn't know Mary made cookbooks! I am on my way to Amazon. Thanks for sharing