Friday, January 29, 2010

More Thrift Finds

A few more of the little things I have been lucky enough to find recently. Another gingham apron - in olive green this time, a set of four floral napkins, another pair of lovely large floral napkins (underneath everything else), and a new small handkerchief:

These cookie cutters were all inside of a little tin from Current (the lid is shown), for 50 cents. This is one of those things that months after I first saw it, I went back and it was still there!
(I believe it waited there for me on purpose.)
A set of three green enamel ware plates, and a large fabric remnant:
That remnant above, sure looks a lot like this fabric sample I found a while back. I still think these would make some gorgeous pillows:
Another Betty Crocker spiral bound cookbook to add to my collection:
This large (18" X 18") brass-toned metal easel was $1.50! Do you know how much large easels cost at a retail shop? A LOT - that's how much. I was thrilled to find it. I use them to display large trays or platters, framed prints, and the like:
On the left, below, you see the pattern on a lovely blouse I found at a thrift store. And on the right? That's my new ironing board cover from T.J. Maxx! I needed one BADLY, and I had been pricing them on eBay and elsewhere - the only ones I liked were priced much higher than I wanted to go.

But this fabulous brown paisley one was 9.99 - perfect. And it's a GREAT improvement over my old stained one! Seriously, it's even more fun to iron now.


Tina Dawn said...

Oh goodie! I can't wait to come over and iron something! I am so excited. A paisley ironing board cover, great idea. I also really like the current tin. Very cute. Love T

yosemite faith said...

you do have the knack!!