Saturday, January 30, 2010

Then And Now #60 Cream Of Wheat

Cream of Wheat - can you believe it's been around since 1893? The history of it is interesting. Here is a picture of an advertisement from 1917:
I wish I had one of the great old ads with Rastus to show you. If I find one, I will add it in later. For now, these will have to do. The one below is from 1955. We grew up eating Cream of Wheat, and adding brown sugar and a little bit of butter to it has always been my favorite way to eat it:
And another, this one with Dennis The Menace is from 1956. Honey sounds good, or maybe even some maple syrup?:

One more advertisement from 2003:
I still like it, but I wasn't buying it anymore because I like to have cereal with some fiber in it for breakfast, and it only had one gram. But "NOW", they have come out with this!

Six grams of fiber, and protein, too - now we're talking! I tried it, and I like it, but I still want to add brown sugar and butter to it!
(I add sweetener, a little cinnamon and "butter" spray instead, and that's pretty good, too.)
Isn't it funny how you will think of something that you wish a product had or could change - and then, like magic (albeit maybe a few years later), it appears on your grocer's shelf? I love it when that happens.
Thank you, Cream Of Wheat.


Lorlore said...

Yummo! I love it too!! I'll try to find that new fiber box at my store. Sounds good and healthy!!

Tina Dawn said...

Brown sugar all melted in, butter, and a little evaporated milk, that's how I remember liking it. I haven't had it in years either, and I am excited to try the new whole wheat. I bet it's just as good. Love T

yosemite faith said...

haven't tried the new cream of wheat - but john & i both love it. have to look for the new 'fiber' type at the store.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I need to try that new version, it sounds so healthy! I didn't eat it alot growing up because my mom didn't like it so she didn't buy it. Twyla

BRANDIU+cow said...

You are welcome! Glad you all like Cream of Wheat! If anyone needs help finding grocery stores near you that carry the new Healthy Grain, e-mail me or find us on Facebook. Make sure to specifify if you are looking for HG Original or Maple Brown Sugar.

KariVery said...

Heidi - I was looking for a picture of Rastus and I stumbled on this:

It's a link to a website that you will LOVE!!! It has a lot of beautiful old advertising prints. Check it out!