Thursday, January 14, 2010

Armstrong Through The Years

There are so many Armstrong flooring advertisements in my old magazines, I just thought it would be fun to show you some examples of room decor through the years. Here is a boy's bedroom from 1941:
And another boy's bedroom from 1968:

And a colorful playroom from 1967. I love the stools:

Here's another kitchen I like. This one is from 1943. See that daffodil knife rack there on the side of the counter? Just like the ones in my collection. I love the dishware on display, and that rolling cart/table. The furniture you see a glimpse of (in their dining room) looks similar to ours, too:

A kitchen with a blue floor and appliances from 1955:

And this looks like a combination laundry room/sewing room/playroom, perhaps? Check out that cute Taylor Tot! That monkey has one spiffy ride. I like this blue floor from 1952 better than the one above:

Brown and orange in this one from 1967. Would you look at the size of those dining chairs? I like them - but don't they look huge?

Lots of orange in this kitchen, too, from 1973. Cute plastic stool:

They called this one (from 1956) a BBQ area or some such, suggesting you could add it in a breezeway for an indoor/outdoor room. Sounds nice:

Two pink kitchens are up next. I love those pink chairs. And we have that lamp in our sunroom! From 1955:

I must have a thing about chairs. I really like the orange ones in this kitchen, too. From 1968:

This is from a 2000 advertisement. They call this flooring "Spatter Dash". I like it. We have a room in that same place, just off the kitchen (we call it the sun room, it's like a breakfast room), complete with a similar chrome-legged table and the light fixture I mentioned above, which you can see but a glimpse of at the top right corner. (Gee, there's another nice stool - looks like the one Teri Hatcher is sitting on in this post.)
We are in dire need of a new kitchen floor. I wouldn't mind the confetti-like look of their Spatter Dash pattern, but I also like good old (real) linoleum, and I like the look of a checkerboard design with vinyl tiles, too.
I don't need to make up my mind - we won't be getting it any time soon.


Tina Dawn said...

Wow, I am moving in! What lucky little boys, kids, cooks! Great floors and furniture. I know I am dating myself but I have a picture of me in a Taylor Tot just like that one. Great post. Love T

yosemite faith said...

i agree tina - what great spacious rooms!!

Midcenturymadam said...

I love the 1968 boy's bedroom. I want one of those office chairs. I also love the '73 kitchen. The windows are beautiful. I thought that cute little plastic stool was a coffee carafe and couldn't figure out why it was sitting on the floor. And that BBQ area is really cool. That was a fun post Heidi.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Hi Heidi! I am catching up with you today and I have missed so much! I love these ads. My favorites are the two 1955 kitchens, the blue and the pink. Twyla

Anthony said...

Your vintage room showcases are always a kick, Heidi!

My favorite would have to be the boy's 1968 bedroom, although it looks way more like a studio apartment, to me! Did ANYONE ever grow up in a bedroom like that?! I mean, really... Well, I suppose maybe the Armstrong kids could have! ;)

And to answer your question about those really BIG dining chairs: Yes, they seem gigantic! But just about everything in that kitchen looked to me like it was done on a bigger, exagerated scale. Then again, I AM up really late, and my vision IS getting kinda blurry...