Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daffodils In The Kitchen

I love daffodils, and I simply fell in love with all of these pretty vintage kitchen things! Whether it's the jars with handles or the little glass canister:
Or the trays I had to have in every color:
Or the wooden painted shelves and knife holders!
I have those in each color, too -here they are in green and black:
And the label on the back:
I didn't even show you all of them! Like I said - love those daffodils!


Annette said...

I love those wooden shelves and knife holder and also the canister. My canisters like that with tulips are one of my favorite things. Love T

twobarkingdogs said...

Those jars are fabulous, and I really like the trays, too. Great treasures.

one gal's trash said...

Thanks for the comment! Your blog is so fun. I too have a daffodil problem, as you may have seen from some of my earlier posts. I even found some amazing vintage plastic daffs...on my BIRTHDAY! Bye for now.

Monica said...

I am coming over to see your collection!!!!!

Holly said...

I love dafodils, too! They're such happy little things!