Monday, July 14, 2008

Barbie Dolls

I got a new Barbie catalog in the mail a couple of weeks ago. I guess they send them to me because I did purchase the two See's Candies barbies awhile back. They have some great new ones! I would scan the pictures, but I'm not sure that would be all right to do. There are Grease "Barbies' - Sandy, Rizzo, Frenchy, etc! And Elvis and Priscilla wedding dolls. And a great pair with Skipper and Barbie in reproductions of their vintage pink "Knitting Pretty" and "School Days" outfits. They look wonderful.
I have some vintage Barbie stuff, but I wish I had more. I love it all. I have managed to find a couple of the old booklets, like the one above. The dolls shown in this photo belonged to my Grandma. My uncle used to work for Mattel. These used to be on a shelf in her closet, and I loved looking at them when we would go visit. I'm not sure whether or not my cousin still has them.
You can go to to take a look at their fabulous new Barbie dolls! They're all gorgeous.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Loved seeing the Barbies! If you check out our blog, my daughter, Lindsey does a Barbie Wednesday post every week. She shows pictures from her collection and likes to tell some tidbits of information. Twyla

Annette said...

I'm pretty sure our uncle sold the barbie dolls. I sure wish we still had them. I am so glad you have the picture. I just love your See's Candy dolls. Love T