Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Butter Pats

I love restaurant china, and that's what all of these are with the exception of the aqua one , which is Poppy Trail by Metlox. I really like that one. The blue floral is a particular favorite of mine, as well.
I have a set of these yellow ones. They are the heaviest in my collection. I LOVE the bamboo, I have a matching demitasse cup and saucer for that one.
I only have three with this pretty maroon color. Neat art deco design on those bottom two - and don't those flowers remind you a bit of Mary Engelbreit?
And these are pretty, too. How about that California Poppy?
I have more, but these were all I could handle getting together today. One set I have is great for Christmas - white with red and green in concentric circles. I just need to find those little individually wrapped pats of butter like they serve at restaurants!


KariVery said...

Costco has 'em!

Annette said...

Very nice. We can get you some butter pats at Costco when you want them. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

I might just take you up on that at Christmas time!