Thursday, July 24, 2008

Then And Now #4 - SOS Pads

Good old S.O.S. steel wool soap pads. Here in an ad from 1941:

And then also pictured here in this magazine advertisement from 50 years ago - "teen-agers quickly learn the trick of breezing through the pans" with the help of S.O.S. pads. I wouldn't mind having their PINK dish drainer! Or those pink Melmac dishes.
I'm calling the package pictured below "Now", but in reality it's about 15 years old. I know. Well, it was up on a shelf in the garage. I picked up a box at the store to buy it, and my husband said we didn't need it. Who knew? The current packaging now has all of the text in both English and Spanish.
When I actually READ (what a novel idea!) the recommended uses on the package, it suggested using them on glass shower doors. Where have I been? I tried it, and they worked very well. Like I said, good old S.O.S. pads!


Annette said...

The other day I thought I was cooking up some zucchini for dinner in my pans that are supposed to cook without much liquid. What I was doing was burning it, and melding it to the bottom of the pan. I tried with all our scrubbers to get that burned squash off the bottom of that pan, and did okay, but there was still a lot of black left. Dear Hubby went at it with the SOS, which I didn't know we had under the sink, and he got ALMOST all of it off. I think the rest is there for good. Next time I will read the instructions on the pan before I try that waterless cooking again! Love T

Twyla and Lindsey said...

How many teenagers do you know who use SOS pads these days? I think it would be good for them. I'm lovin' the pink too! Have a nice day. Twyla

Holly said...

I have very gross memories of SOS pads- greasy, rusty and hanging around the sink at home. Thanks for the memories. Ha-ha!