Monday, July 7, 2008

Holiday At Niles Canyon

We took a little trip down to Sunol on the 4th for a special train ride on the Niles Canyon Railway and barbecue/picnic lunch. My stepson met us there, and it was he who took these pictures of the train.
A short ride from Sunol to Niles and back in a beautifully restored passenger car, and a nice lunch afterward.
We didn't win any of the prizes with our raffle tickets, but I found a really nice t-shirt for my husband in the gift shop, and he bought a book and the little pin I've shown here with their brochure.
It was fun! We even got home early, and I still got to watch my Boston Pops before bedtime. You see, it isn't the 4th for me unless I get to hear them play Stars and Stripes Forever, and act like I'm conducting, and see the fireworks. That's how we spent our holiday - I hope you enjoyed yours!


Tina Dawn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Did you have time to look around in Niles? I remember what great antiques shops there were there. When we used to go with Danny and Marilyn, the girls went antiquing and the guys went to the bars. The town wa about 1/2 antique shops and 1/2 bars, that's what I remember. And the train depot. And the fact that Charlie Chaplin filmed movies there. Love T

Heidi Ann said...

We didn't get to do anything like that. But I definitely remember when you and I went there, and stayed with Danny and Marilyn. I especially remember seeing some of my great art deco frames in the shops and the prices were RIDICULOUS! I have been so lucky to find so many at much more reasonable prices.