Friday, July 11, 2008

Frigidaire Extraordinaire

Ah, the days of pastel appliances! At the time of this ad, Frigidaire advertised appliances in Sherwood Green, Snowy White and Stratford Yellow. Later, the colors available were Aztec Copper, Sunny Yellow, turquoise, white, and Mayfair Pink. See those little black and white shakers on top of the yellow range?
I sold a large set of them (below) on eBay a while back. I actually liked them a lot, - but, as I have said before - I simply can't keep everything. I did hold on to an extra set of just the salt and pepper, though. We use them all the time. I hope the person who bought these from us is enjoying them!The shakers have the little Frigidaire logo on the bottom. This little tile, below, is a Pot Rooster, made of easy-to-clean porcelain to advertise the fact that only their appliances were finished in Lifetime Porcelain. Those must have really been nice! The tiles came in the colors that were available at the time. You know, back then, they gave you little gifts like the shakers, the little Pot Roosters, pot holders; stuff like that. Cute little strutter, ain't he?


Annette said...

I would love a green or yellow stove and fridge! Seems like the only free thing you get when you buy something now is a makeup bag or tote. Love T

KariVery said...

How cute that Mom & Daughter have matching dresses!

Heidi Ann said...

Yes - and what great dresses they are! Bright blue and trimmed with white rick rack! Cute!