Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Magic Cookie Bars

Remember these? This is an advertisement from the 60's, with the recipe. I used to make them. I hadn't had them in YEARS- probably haven't made them since I was a teenager.
Well, my daughter-in-law gave us this for Christmas!
So I decided to make them the other day:
I used Eagle Brand NONFAT Sweetened Condensed Milk.
I know - like that's really going to help.
You know what does help?
Asking my husband to get them out of the house so they aren't here to tempt me any longer.
When I bake something, and it is here - I CANNOT seem to resist.
Bye bye, Magic Cookie Bars. I'll remember you fondly.


Tina Dawn said...

Oh boy do those look absolutely yummy. He can bring them to my house! Love T

Anonymous said...

i am the same way - get it out of the house. those are so rich - now that i am an old lady - its a bit much for me. i have even lost some of my chocolate addiction - hard to believe huh heidi? i still order sees but don't really eat it anymore. oops - forgot to sign in. faith

Twyla and Lindsey said...

One of my favorite bars! I make them from time to time and agree they are Impossible to stay out of! My mother in law taught me to put the coconut on the graham cracker crust and cover it with the rest of the ingredients. This makes them moister. I always use the non fat version of sweetened condenced milk and feel a bit better about it. Twyla

Holly Hall said...

Magic Cookie Bars are a Christmas tradition in my family. Sooooo good, and sooo bad for us. :)