Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrift Finds Again: The Latest

I'll begin with the Valentine's Day stuff: the Queen of Hearts frame was still in the original box from Kohl's with a $14.99 price tag on it - I put the postcard in it. The heart-shaped paperweight had something unattractive inside- easily removed, and I will add something pretty and vintage on the underside instead:
A nice little ceramic letter holder - perfectly sized for my antique postcards, and a Haeger pottery cradle in pink!

This old flatware box needs some sprucing up. I think I want to just cover the scratched-up top with vintage wallpaper or something like that, providing I can find the right thing:
I really liked that the felt lining inside was this pretty green! I haven't seen one like this before:
Speaking of pretty green - my friend Heidi gave me this vintage tissue holder for Christmas (we didn't manage to get together until about 3 weeks after the holiday!)

She knows what I like!


yosemite faith said...

love your finds. nice holder for your postcards!!

Tina Dawn said...

Nice finds. I love your gift from Heidi, it is a lovely color. Love T

Jennifer D said...

Great finds! I love that Queen of Hearts frame.