Friday, February 26, 2010

The Woman's Day Book Of House Plants

The Woman's Day Book of House Plants, written by Jean Hersey, with illustrations by Harry Marinsky. I found this book in a thrift store:
And then I just thought it was kind of neat when I found this advertisement in one of my old Woman's Day magazines:
It is really quite the nice little volume, filled throughout with page after page of Mr. Marinsky's lovely illustrations. Of geraniums, for example:
And begonias:
For some reason, I can't hear the word begonia without thinking of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, and the line: "Does the Name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?". I think it was Johnny Brown who said it? Not sure. But I digress.
I also found these lovely leaves at a thrift store. I'm not usually a big fan of fake plants, but these were simply too pretty to pass up! (Which type of leaves are these supposed to be? Are they begonias or coleus?) Edited to add: Tina told me they are caladiums. Thanks, T.!

Only two examples of the coleus inside:

Oh, and that reminds me of all of the gorgeous coleus we saw at the California State Fair last summer:

I seem to have gone off the subject again. Suffice it to say that this little book truly is "a beautiful and unique guide to indoor gardening in full color", "from African Violet to Zebrina Pendula", just as it says on the back!
I do not have a green thumb at all, but I think I could learn quite a lot from this little book.


Lorlore said...

Great find Heidi! It looks like it's very informative. Oh, if you and I only had Tina's, Great Green Thumb!!!

Midcenturymadam said...

I don't have a green thumb either but I was able to keep a coleus alive. Those are so magnificent. Maybe I'll buy a little one and try again. Beautiful books Heidi. Thanks for the coleus inspiration.

Tina Dawn said...

Come on, my thumb is only "great" because it has arthritis in it! And better green than black and blue ;) When was your book published? I have two of the begonias featured there, I might do a post about the iron cross one some time, they are pretty costly but very rewarding to grow. I thought it was Flip Wilson who said "Ruby Begonia" but I really don't remember for sure, he is who came to mind. I think your thrift store leaves are meant to be caladiums, which are also from bulbs or tubers like some begonias, and look very similiar to the begonia leaves, and the colors are just like coleus leaves. Love them all! Last summer I grew geraniums and coleus on our deck railings, I was hoping to maybe get another year out of them, but our Dec. snowstorm had other ideas.

yosemite faith said...

as i have said previously i am not good with house plants. wish i was. if only we all had tina's thumb!